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Thread: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client

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    how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client

    Here comes a How-to to use a TNTsat smartcard with oscam and gbox clients. At the beginning, i had a plain gbox config (with a M line and some D lines) up to you to adapt it according to your needs.

    For gbox clients, nothing to change, leave your cwshare.cfg like they are currently.

    On oscam side, 1rst find out the binary which fit to your server/receiver (for instance un ppc-old for me for an old DM7000). And then you install it where it has to be (in my case in /var/bin) with right in chmod755. Then the config files, again at the right place according to your server (for me in /var/tuxbox/config, for a DM800 or a VU Uno (mips) in /etc/tuxbox/config)

    For oscam.conf

    nice = -1
    WaitForCards = 1
    preferlocalcards = 1
    logfile = /tmp/oscam.log;stdout
    maxlogsize = 256
    cachedelay = 120
    saveinithistory = 1

    Hostname = oscam server IP
    Port = UDP server port for redirection
    my_password = gbox password of server (coming from a working cwshare.cfg)

    enabled = 0
    au = 1
    boxtype = dreambox
    user = localuser
    request_mode = 0
    reopenonzap = 1
    pmt_mode = 0

    For DVB api, i chosed enabled = 0 cause my server is not connected to any dish and so i donít need to decrypt locally the channels. For local decrypting, choose enabled = 1

    Then oscam.server

    label = tntsat
    protocol = internal
    device = /dev/sci0
    detect = cd
    mhz = 500
    cardmhz = 357
    caid = 0500
    aeskeys = 0500@030B00:0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,EExxxxx8E,0,0,25xx xxx51,34xxxxxD5,0,0,0,0,0,6Bxxxxxx1C,12xxxx6E
    cool_timeout_after_init = 50
    group = 1
    service = tntsat

    enable = 1
    Label = gbox-client1
    Protocol = gbox
    Device = Client 1 IP (or dyndns), client 1 port
    password = gbox password client 1
    gbox_my_password = gbox password of oscam server
    gbox_max_distance = 3
    gbox_reshare = 3
    gbox_max_ecm_send = 4
    user = localuser
    Fallback = 0
    Group = 1
    gbox_group = 1

    You can add as any client as you want and again for dist, reshare and max ecm send, you can adapt according to your needs

    For oscam.user

    user = localuser
    description = TNTsat
    group = 1
    service = tntsat

    Finally oscam.service

    caid = 0500
    provid = 030B00
    srvid = 1903,2009,2010,2136,2200,2202,2206,2207,2208,2211, 2213,2214,2216,2289,2329,2337,2351,2458,2462,2472, 2476,2480,2486,2649,2650,2651,2652,2653,2654,4284, 4290,1FEB,25E5,25E6,25E7,25E8,25E9,1F41,1F44,1F45, 1F48,1F4A,1F55,1F56,1F57,1F58,1FD8,1FDF,20A4,20A5, 20AE,20AF,20B3,20B4,20B5,20B6,217C,21FD,221A,221B, 233D,234B,245E,246C,248A,25EA,25EB,25EC,25ED,25EE, 25EF,25F0,264A,264B,264C,264D,264E,264F,2F67,2F8A, 2F8E,6F73,6F86,6F87,21FF,189F,2025,2200,2202,2022

    (maybe i put too much services but you can adapt)

    Done, now launch Oscam on the server side and relaunch gbox on the client and fiat lux, you get fr TNT on astra with HD national channels.
    For AES keys, Google is your friend and just check that you choose an Oscam version with support of gbox protocol.

    Thanks to PR2 and all working on oscam within forum streamboard. Also many thanks to Manufact and Agecanonix for personal support

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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client

    Hello Zed or other experts with oscam knowledge,

    some questions, if possible?
    what version of oscam you use to make it possible?
    do your gbox peers still get all cards with oscam as before sharing with gbox?
    Is it possible to give some configuration files, for example to share with about 4 gbox peers and 2 cccam peers?
    config files: oscam.conf, oscam.server, oscam.user and oscam.service.

    also a general question of oscam:
    at the download sites, i allways see 3 files to download:
    1. a light version
    2. a libusb version
    3. a libusb-ssl version

    can someone explain the big difference?
    1 = easy, cause the information is there: Light : Only Nagra/Via/Seca & Newcamd/Camd/CCcam

    but 2 and 3 i dont know the difference: I have a dm800hd clone with internal slot, merlin-3 image e2.
    is the 2. a libusb version ok for me?

    Thx all in advanced.

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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client


    Light is minimal version,
    Libusb contains usb drivers for usb reader
    SSL = secured transmissions


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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client

    Laitram, Thx for the info!

    if i see many image have the following downloads:
    *source: 20140625
    *bootloader: ssl84d
    *enigma2: Marwen-tarball
    *Skin: Default-HD with Secondinfobar Mod Marwen

    may i ask, the ssl has nothing to do with the ssl of oscam?
    so, if i have an image (clone) ssl84d, i dont have to use oscam ssl version? is that correct? - the ssl of the image has no relation with oscam ssl version?
    or if i have an ssl image, then i need oscam ssl version?....

    Thx again!

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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client

    Hello Zed or others,

    in the example, can someone tell me what version of oscam is used to make this work?

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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client


    i'am trying doscam 0.23 now and try to get my gbox peers working on doscam.
    local card OK.
    TNT sat OK
    first peer connection works fine.
    second one, 3th, 4th and 5th cannot make a connection....

    all peers i tried within the same [account] group:
    group = 1,2,3

    and the [Reader] group
    group = 3

    also i tried to give them seperate groups, but then still no connection.

    i tried with 2 peers.
    The first peer A works perfect.
    The second one B dont work.

    if i put B in front, then peer A dont work anymore...
    msg: needinit.

    See image below...first peer connection works fine.
    has anyone a simple config file how to make this work in doscam.
    or can give me the answer what i do wrong?

    Thx! a lot!

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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client


    try with "plain" oscam with gbox support. Here i have tried with one server under oscam and 2 clients with gbox (2 local, 1 from internet). But forget doscam and try with a normal oscam instead, just be sure to get one version with gbox support.



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    Re: how-to tntsat on oscam server and gbox client

    I am looking for how to setup the Gbox client.

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