Paramount targets youth audience
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 02 June 2014
Viacom's Paramount Channel has launched a new ad campaign in Spain aimed at the youth audience. Tagged Tu Vida Pide Cine (Your Life Calls for Films), the campaign aims to reinforce the channel's brand and image as an alternative DTT channel.

Tapsa/Y&R is in charge of the creative process and the campaign, while the concept and graphic design is by La Gran Aventura. The media supervision will be carried by Viacom's own creative services entertainment south team.

Paramount Channel has been broadcasting in Spain since March 2012, airing movies through DTT and free-to-air TV. The new campaign aims to draw a younger audience segment by increasing the films' value as a means of entertainment.

The ads, which will appear on TV, radio, in printed media and external channels, show people doing daily tasks in a similar style to well-known movie scenes, narrated by actors' voices.