ALC appoints Galletta to head Footprint digital marketing
Michelle Clancy
| 02 June 2014
Advertising specialist ALC has appointed Gregg Galletta as senior vice president and general manager of Footprint D3, ALC's digital marketing division.

Galletta will continue and expand ALC's digital marketing work, with a particular focus on uniting offline data with digital media in ways that improve its clients' customer acquisition, retention and reactivation efforts.

"Gregg is one of the brightest young minds in the field of digital media and marketing," said ALC chairman Donn Rappaport. "But what really sets him apart from other candidates to lead Footprint is his knowledge of and appreciation for the critical role of offline data in the digital marketing equation."

Since launching his career, Galletta has worked on e-commerce, search engine marketing and most recently cross-screen marketing strategies.

"I am really excited to join the ALC team," he said. "While everyone on Madison Avenue seems to be talking about 'Big Data', there are few who are effectively leveraging offline data to advance digital, let alone cross-channel, marketing. The problem today for many marketers is that online data is inherently weak."

He added: "An offline record, anchored with a street address, enables data hygiene, selectivity and segmentation, enhancement and modelling to a degree just not otherwise possible. ALC's deep experience in data-driven marketing and the unique data assets we've compiled over the past 35 years has us poised to shape the future of data driven digital and cross-channel marketing."

Galletta has a bachelor's degree in business administration from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an e-commerce certificate from New York University. He replaces Bryan MacDonald, who has been promoted to head Insight-2-Action (i2A) ALC's strategic planning division.