Trinity Broadcasting anointed leading religious broadcaster
Michelle Clancy
| 02 June 2014
Trinity Broadcasting Network, the channel from Christian broadcast pioneers Paul and Jan Crouch, is now the farthest-reaching religious broadcaster in the nation, with 37 digital broadcast stations.

In addition to the 37 stations, the faith-and-family network has expanded to more than 100 million homes via 8,000 cable and satellite affiliates.

TBN vice president Matthew Crouch noted that the network's over-the-air presence represents an integral part of the strategy pursued by TBN's founder, the late Paul Crouch. "Even as the cable revolution stormed across America in the 1970s and '80s," he said, "my father realised that millions of individuals and families would continue to rely on classic over-the-air television. And over the years he made sure that those viewers and their communities would have access to the wholesome, inspirational programming that is TBN's hallmark."

TBN has full-power TV stations in such major metropolitan areas as New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and Denver, as well as in smaller communities like Richmond, Indiana, Harlingen, Texas, Canton, Ohio, Memphis, Tennessee and Fort Pierce, among others.

In addition to multicasting TBN's top faith-and-family networks 24 hours a day, each of the 37 full-power stations has its own studio, producing local ministry and community affairs programs, as well as a local version of TBN's Praise the Lord music and talk show. A handful of stations in venues like Nashville, Orlando, New York City, Dallas, and a few other cities also have state-of-the-art studio facilities that produce national and international programming for TBN.