Management buy-out for Dutch ISP Scarlet

June 2, 2014 10.55 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Stipte(Scarlet)The Dutch management has bought Scarlet Telecom, a Dutch triple play ISP, from Belgacom.

With its new owners, the company will now be known in the Netherlands as Stipte (Dutch for punctual) and will focus on being a full-service quality provider rather than profile itself as a price fighter.

Managing director and owner Matthijs Kamp said about the new premium service: “The quality and speed of the internet and home networks often leaves much to be desired, especially when the installation is performed improperly by the consumer. To avoid that we have introduced the VIP service, where a certified technician will install at the consumer’s home. He only departs when everything is working perfectly, modem, telephone and TV set.”

Stipte’s basic TV offer consists of 122 TV channels, of which 28 are in HD and 58 are available on tablet. The IPTV service is available across the Netherlands.