BRB's new portfolio ready for NATPE Europe
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 02 June 2014
BRB Internacional will be bringing its latest productions to NATPE Europe 2014, to be held in Prague from 23-26 June.

The production house will base its portfolio on Talking Tom and Friends and Invizimals, which is to premiere on several international networks.

BRB will also take to the Eastern European market the first episodes of Filly Funtasia and Mica, which is based in a Santillana book series that has achieved great success among Latin American kids.

The company continues the warm up to the premiere of Talking Tom and Friends, which is expected to air worldwide in 2015. Based on the app and YouTube phenomenon, the animated sitcom explores the 'real' life of the characters in Talking Tom and Friends. With 52 episodes of 11 minutes, the series target kids between six and 11.

The successful Invizimals, based on the PlayStation saga, is to air a new series of 26 episodes in the coming months. After the successful audience reception of its two TV movies, with over eight million viewers around the world, the series will also focus on augmented reality and second screens.

Though a free mobile app for smartphones and the PS Vita, audiences are able to become part of the story and enter the Invizimals' universe.