Argentinean app improves DTT reception
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 02 June 2014
Argentina has a new free app, Antenas TDA, which aims to improve DTT reception in the country.

Designed by Nicolás Lichtmaier and recently promoted by the Government, the app helps to orient digital aerials to their nearest broadcasting point.

According to Argentina's news agency Telam, the app is only available for Android devices from Google Play and has already had 1,500 downloads. Although the app has been downloadable for free for nearly two months, it has become more widely known this week thanks to the Government's DTT agency promoting it.

Osvaldo Nemirovsci, coordinator for the Sistema Argentino de Televisión Digital - the country's DTT organisation - published a video on YouTube explaining how the app worked and recommending people to use it.

"It's a free application which can be downloaded by everybody and makes free-to-air digital TV more accessible for the audience," said Nemirovsci. The app improves aerials' orientation, one of the problems being experienced when it comes to getting a decent DTT signal reception.