MojoCreative launches African, LATAM OTT video service
Rebecca Hawkes
| 03 June 2014
African and Latin American content is being given a digital home at WuraTV, the new over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform from US company MojoCreative.

The advertising-free service is available for US$4 a month for unlimited use online or via mobile devices. It delivers television and film titles likely to be of particular interest to the African and Latin American diaspora.

"The main concept behind Wura is to give viewers better options, specifically cable TV customers who have to pay a fortune on channels they usually don't watch and don't even have access to watch content of culture," Michael Ojo, president and founder of MojoCreative told Human IPO.

"I like to think of Wura as a complement to traditional TV."

WuraTV has already attracted 3,700 users and 42 paid subscribers, and plans are reportedly afoot to integrate it into the iRokuTV Nollywood platform in certain locations to help spread its reach around the globe.