YuMe launches multiscreen advertising Reach Calculator
Michelle Clancy
| 03 June 2014
Advertising specialist YuMe has launched an interactive Reach Calculator, based on US results of its multi-national research with Nielsen on multiscreen reach and brand impact.

The tool computes unduplicated reach across TV, online, smartphone, tablet and connected TV, and serves as a directional tool for marketers to use while developing their multiscreen video plan.

"We're responding to our clients' requests for more insight into why they should shift dollars from TV to digital and, more importantly, how much and the impact of doing so on brand metrics," said Ed Haslam, senior vice president of marketing at YuMe. "This is the first time we have built a tool based on research that media agencies can use in their offices to do multiscreen video planning."

The study that spurred the calculator was comprised of two different studies an online media survey and an in-person media lab. The results include findings for advertisers around US connected device ownership and how to more accurately plan reaching their target audience across digital video screens.

"This research and accompanying Reach Calculator gives us a tangible resource to bring to the clients now," said David Klein, group planning director for Assembly. "I think we know the concept of adding a new media channel to our mix, but having the ability to break it out between the different channels and screens is important to us."

The online multiscreen reach survey showed that the average household has 4.4 devices; and smartphones and tablets are nearly as popular as computers. Meanwhile, 87% of consumers use devices while the TV is on.

The multi-device media lab portion, held at CBS' Television City, tested each respondent's experience while looking at a series of ad-powered comedy sketches on smartphone, tablet, computer and over-the-top (OTT) devices. Results showed two major findings: the biggest incremental gains in engagement were achieved when three or more devices were brought into the mix; and emerging OTT devices, such as Roku, continue to provide a positive halo effect