Media Broadcast plans German DVB-T2 platform

June 3, 2014 10.17 Europe/London By Jörn Krieger

Media BroadcastGerman transmitter network operator Media Broadcast wants to build up a nationwide digital terrestrial TV platform using the new standard DVB-T2 which enables the distribution of more channels and HDTV on terrestrial frequencies.

Commercial broadcast group Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland plans to transmit its HD channels on this platform. Public broadcasters ARD and ZDF have already expressed their support for a transition to DVB-T2 in autumn 2013.

For the DVB-T2 introduction planned for 2016 to materialise, Media Broadcast appeals to politicians and regulators to quickly create reliable framework conditions.

DVB-T2 new (October 2010)“DVB-T2 is ready for the market and Media Broadcast is ready for the transition to the new standard,” said Wolfgang Breuer, CEO of Media Broadcast. “Now it is up to the government, federal states and regulatory authorities to enable the move. This means specifically: Securing the 700 MHz frequency band at least until the transition to DVB-T2 is complete, long-term planning reliability for the remaining broadcasting spectrum and implementation of the legal media and telecommunications processes.”

“We trust that the German government will stand by its political promises regarding frequency issues as outlined in the coalition agreement and look forward to a speedy and continued constructive dialogue with the federal states and regulatory authorities,” added Breuer.