RCN rolls out TiVo T6 HD DVR for hybrid TV

Michelle Clancy | 05 June 2014

American cable operator RCN is bundling the T6 HD DVR from TiVo to deliver linear TV programming and a multitude of Web-based options in one system.

The TiVo T6 DVR is a six-tuner entertainment system for recording up to six HD shows at once, with a recommendation search engine and enhanced user interface. The intelligent search options include Season Pass, What to Watch Now and WishList. The device also has access to over-the-top (OTT) options like Netflix, YouTube, the Opera TV Store and others; and customers can search across live TV, RCN On Demand and Web apps.

"TiVo's T6 is the most powerful DVR we've delivered to date," said Thomas Elam, general manager of TiVo's service provider business. "TiVo is proud to partner with RCN to bring this solution to their customers. We are committed to continued innovation, and with the new T6 DVR, RCN customers will get the very best TV experience available."

The TiVo set-top box also includes a 1TB hard drive for storing up to 150 HD hours of recording capacity, or up to 1,200 SD hours. And, TiVo Stream is built into the TiVo T6 box, allowing users to stream live TV and recorded shows to other TVs and devices.

"Just like RCN's recent launch of the Netflix app on our TiVo service, RCN's TiVo T6 redefines the way our customers are able to watch and discover great TV," said Chris Fenger, COO at RCN. "TiVo T6 DVR delivers an enhanced, state-of-the-art experience that our customers have come to expect from us. By offering a DVR that can record six shows at once, plus an all-integrated, intuitive experience, there's an unrivalled world of great entertainment at our customers' fingertips."