USA sees big uplift from social campaign for Psych finale

Michelle Clancy | 05 June 2014

USA Network saw significant uplift in viewer engagement with interactive social spots promoting the finale of detective comedy-drama series, Psych.

USA asked Psych fans to submit their best "crying Gus" impressions via Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #SadGus.'s social TV platform, Story, was used to collect the incoming tweets and pictures, and choose selected photos to be sent for on-air playout. Winners' photos and comments were then featured in a 15-second spot that aired in the Psych episode.

According to Nielsen, the #SadGus promos attracted more viewers than other promos or commercial minutes in the episode with uplift of 48%.

That's 39% and 48% higher than other promos for adults 18-34 and 18-49, respectively, and 34% and 44% higher than the other commercial minutes.

The social spot overall drove strong engagement young viewers watched for longer and tuned in for commercials more than other episodes during the season. People 18-34 tuned in for four minutes longer with 19 minutes watching time, compared with 15 minutes for other episodes. There was also a higher percentage of viewers watching commercials.

Overall, Psych was the No 4 most buzzed-about cable entertainment programme when the campaign aired on 19 March, receiving 16,000 tweets.

"This is further convincing proof that our Story product delivers on its promise," said Lars Lauritzsen, CEO at "The return on investment in these early projects has already been staggering. As customers start taking more advantage of Story's viral and tail functionality, we will see the value of certain TV spots double and triple. We believe the TV spot is in for a major paradigm shift, and looks to power it."