Huge leap in mobile video usage and ad interaction

Editor | 05 June 2014

Mobile is fast becoming a central hub of entertainment decisions, with not only content usage climbing but also a commensurate leap in ad engagement, says research from Vdopia.

Among the key findings revealed by the latest edition of the mobile video advertising provider's Vdopia Mobile Insights (VMI) report was the fact that the number of people who consumed entertainment content on their smartphones ever in a month jumped 28% in the past year to 109 million. Americans now average 33 minutes each day watching videos on their smartphones.

Moreover, mobile entertainment audiences not only are twice as likely to click on mobile ads but 45% recall seeing ads compared to only 24% for non-mobile entertainment audiences.

During the first quarter of 2014, Vdopia saw a shift by entertainment mobile video advertising provider's using its media network with a global reach of 330 million towards calls for specific consumer action like signing up for TV tune-in alerts. Awareness for theatrical and DVD release campaigns (39%) were the top advertised sub-category among entertainment brands in terms of total ad spend, and when it came to clicking on an ad to take an action, 85% of mobile entertainment ad consumers chose watching more video over any other action.

Just over two-fifths (62%) are comfortable with 15-30 second commercials if they get to stream TV or films for free on their smartphones. This is interesting considering only 56% computer/laptop audience and 51% of connected TV audiences are comfortable with commercials in exchange for free streaming on their devices. The survey also found that about 84% of the total media ad spends by entertainment advertisers on the Vdopia network in Q1 went to video and rich media ads. Banner ads were less than one-third of total impressions and are constantly decreasing.

"This is astonishing as it highlights the transformation in the mobile advertising landscape from static banner ads to more engaging and interactive video and rich media ads," said Vdopia chief business officer and co-founder Saurabh Bhatia. "Historically digital entertainment video advertising, especially on mobile devices, was almost exclusively about creating awareness for new films or TV programmes. But increasingly we are seeing that mobile video advertising is driving ticket sales for films and helping to increase ratings for TV Shows."