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Thread: Problem with STB(OSN HD Box Model: Ksc-B275NSS)

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    Question Problem with STB(OSN HD Box Model: Ksc-B275NSS)

    Hello and Greetings to you all!!

    I'm an existing subscriber
    to Orbit Showtime Network
    (OSN) Tv Package.but my STB(OSN HD Box Model: Ksc-B275NSS)
    Unexpectedly stucked at
    somewhere.when i switch it
    on with or with out
    connecting the
    Anthenna cable,it
    unexpectedly started
    desplaying only the following notification:

    << New software being
    downloaded.Do not switch
    off your Set-Top-Box.
    Downloading software.....STB
    waits for signal......>>

    also a progress status bar at
    the bottom of the Tv
    screen showing only:
    "0% Completed".i can't go
    into the menu
    option or can't exit and
    recover the channels,it just
    stucked in there!!

    Dear Friends,i kindly ask you to help
    me avoid this problem! what
    should i do to resolve this
    problem and get back the
    channels? is there a hard
    reset method to perform on
    OSN HD Box and get back to
    it's Menu?if "Yes",how do i
    do that?

    P.S: as you guys know this Box do not have any port to neither connect it to a USB Flash Disc nor a Serial Port(RS-232).

    Expecting your speedy
    reply,Thanks in advance!!


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    Re: STB(OSN HD Box Model: Ksc-B275NSS)

    What is The Default Transponder Frequency of OSN on Nilesat @ 7 west,that locks the tuner on the box?do you think "this problem might occure,if i'm not receiving a signal from that particular Tp"?

    if The Default Tp Frequency of OSN on Nilesat is one of 11996/h/27500,12034/h/27500 or 12073/h/27500,i'm not in a location where i can get a signal from these,do you think this is the case that caused the problem on my OSN HD Box which i mentioned above?!???

    I'm eagerly waiting for your replies,Please do not ignore!!!

    Lots of Thanks!

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    Re: STB(OSN HD Box Model: Ksc-B275NSS)

    I have changed the title of your thread because your title was not really informative about your question....

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