Mobile video quality and pricing keys to scoring at World Cup
| 07 June 2014
With the greatest opportunity for mobile video only days away, analyst Strategy Analytics is suggesting that picture quality and value for money will be key to cashing in not only on the Word Cup but also in the long-term.

“The World Cup offers an opportunity for mobile operators to let users experience the addictiveness of high quality video,” commented Nitesh Patel, director, Wireless Media Strategies.

“Ensuring the availability of large screen, video optimised devices across handset portfolios, enhanced video quality delivered over the network and migrating users to 4G services will all serve to stimulate greater mobile video activity.”

In its Larger Screens, Better Video Quality and 4G LTE Essential to Stimulating Greater Mobile Video Usage report, Strategy Analytics found that nearly three quarters (72%) of over 500 mobile phone users in China, France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the USA claimed to have watched video on their mobile phones, with 15% doing so daily, 29% weekly and 28% less frequently.

Two-fifths said they claimed to watch less than 30 minutes per week, compared with a fifth viewing 30-60 minutes per week and a further 20% 1-3 hours per week.

Quality of experience has always been a bugbear for mobile video and mobile TV and tellingly just over two-thirds (68%) of mobile video consumption was found to occurs over Wi-Fi compared with 24% over the mobile network.

In what was good news for operators, the survey also revealed a direct correlation, among occasional video users anyway, between video consumption and network quality. Users of 4G networks were most likely to increase their video consumption, with ad-supported video the most popular new business model option. Bundling branded content combined with no data charges ranked as the second key business model to accelerate video use in most markets.