FesTVal focuses on new TV formats
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 10 June 2014
Spain's largest TV event FesTVal will hold its sixth edition in September and this year the event will focus on new formats and new ways of consuming TV.

The 2013 edition generated over €8.5 million in brand impact and more than 18,000 assistants, 500 professionals and 80 communications media attended the event. The 2014 edition will again include Spain's national networks - Antena 3, Canal+, Cuatro, laSexta, Tele 5 and TVE - and many premium channels including Comedy Central, Panda and Discovery.

Second-screen, transmedia projects, new avenues of production and commercialisation, branded content and apps are among the main topics to be discussed during FesTVal's conferences and workshops. In addition to series and shows premieres, the event aims to concentrate on how technology is changing traditional TV viewing.

The event will also repeat the Talent Day initiative, which launched last year. Through this project, the sector's professionals will have the opportunity of getting to know young audiovisual talent in order to produce new and innovative products.

From the Northern Spanish city of Vitoria, the FesTVal aims to expand into the international market. By launching a new site in English within the coming weeks and inviting international actors and producers to the event, the organisers aim to broaden the festival's borders.