LG teams with DataFactory for World Cup smart TV app
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 10 June 2014
Chile's LG Electronics has announced an agreement with DataFactory to create an app for the World Cup, available for the brand's smart TVs. The Argentinean statistics house will provide all the data and information related to the football event.

LG's app will allow viewers to access live data about matches and teams while watching the games. The interactive second-screen app works as a transparent overlay which can be rolled out over the TV broadcast.

The smart solution, which aims to improve the coverage of the World Cup, won't come to an end when the competition ends but will continue working with DataFactory figures to cover the Champions League, Libertadores Cup and the Brasileirao among other football competitions.

The Argentinean company will be providing LG with general statistics - including rankings of teams, scorers and calendars, live figures for every match as well as goals, stadium data, players and tactics, among other figures and a system of advanced coverage with extra data like special coordinates of the players and the ball and player's efficiency.