AT&T, Al Jazeera settle out of court
Rebecca Hawkes
| 11 June 2014
AT&T and Al Jazeera have settled their US lawsuit, and asked the Delaware judge to dismiss the case disputing the two parties' contract over channel distribution.

The disagreement between the Qatar-based television broadcaster and the US telecommunications giant stemmed from Al Jazeera America's launch on 20 August 2013, when AT&T abruptly dropped the new channel from its cable network U-Verse. Al Jazeera claimed the contract between the two was breached and wrongfully terminated by the cable operator.

Al Jazeera filed its lawsuit under seal, with both parties claiming that secrecy was required to protect commercially sensitive information regarding their carriage deal. News outlets subsequently sought court intervention, believing contract details should be made public during the litigation.

The settlement does not resolve the challenge from media outlets to unseal court records in the case.