Hub Network brings Blossom back to TV
Michelle Clancy
| 11 June 2014
Popular 1990s US sitcom Blossom is back with a goal of captivating a new generation of teenagers, thanks to a deal with Viacom's Hub Network. Blossom has not aired on television in 15 years.

The Hub Network has licensed all five seasons of Blossom (113 episodes) from the Disney-ABC Television Group.

"Viewers can relive Blossom's inspiring journey as she navigates from childhood into adulthood, facing the real trials and tribulations of adolescence and learning valuable life lessons along the way," Hub said in a statement. "Life has its share of ups and downs, but Blossom meets challenges head-on with pluck, imagination and a healthy sense of humour."

The series stars actress Mayim Bialik (now seen in the Big Bang Theory) as Blossom Russo, Ted Wass as her father Nick, Joey Lawrence as her older brother Joey, Michael Stoyanov as her other older brother Anthony and Jenna von O as her best friend Six.

An all-star group of guest stars have hit the series, including Will Smith, Tobey Maguire, Neil Patrick Harris, Sonny Bono, Dick Clark, Estelle Getty, Johnny Galecki, David Schwimmer, BB King, Alex Trebek, Little Richard, Reggie Jackson, Arsenio Hall, Brittany Murphy, David Arquette, Tori Spelling and even alien puppet ALF.