Over 90% of online video ads bought in TV-like fashion
Joseph O'Halloran
| 12 June 2014
Research from advertising platform provider Videology has revealed that the vest majority of online video advertisers buy inventory in the same way as they would with traditional TV services.

Videology's first- quarter 2014 findings on the video advertising market in the UK, based on 678 million impressions delivered from January through March 2014, found that 96% of advertisers bought video ads based on a guaranteed CPM: more or less the way in which they would which they do on TV. The share of advanced ads using targeting increased 129% year-on-year based on a comparison with Q1 2013 figures.

Overall advertisers were taking a screen-agnostic approach to video advertising and in the quarter 31% of all campaigns included a mobile and/or connected TV component, and a quarter of all campaigns ran across three screens: mobile, connected TV and PCs.

"While many of the headlines have focused on the use of real time bidding, reserved buying at a fixed CPM remains the mainstay of TV-centric advertisers buying video in a programmatic fashion," said Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology. "As television and video continue to converge, the same advertisers who rely on the guaranteed, time sensitive delivery offered by television are looking for those same guarantees in video. Reserved, automated buying has always been a mainstay of our offering. Clearly, it resonates with advertisers using the platform, as 9 out of every 10 campaigns are purchased in this way."

The full UK video market at-a-glance data and other country-specific versions are available at http://www.videologygroup.com/files/...A-Glance_1.pdf