Screenz teams with Google to boost interactive viewing
| 13 June 2014
Digital TV technology provider Screenz has entered into a collaboration with Google to host a global, live, interactive infrastructure for television shows, enabling broadcasters and format owners to transform programmes into live events.

The first show to use the Screenz Real Time Platform will be Keshet International's Rising Star interactive TV format that enables real-time voting by viewers from via a mobile app, fully integrated with the programme. The show features performers making their debut on stage alone, from behind a giant wall of TV screens. They can only make their entry to the studio round by securing more than 70% of the viewers', judges' and live audiences' vote. The audience can see the results of their vote in real time and if they vote positively, have a chance that their picture will be shown on the giant wall. If a contestant achieves 70% of the votes, the wall dramatically lifts revealing the studio audience and expert panel.

Screenz claims that its collaboration with Google delivers the scale to process a huge number of interactions per second and says that in testing the Real Time Platform processed 100 million interactions per minute. Furthermore, it is confident that its technology hikes up the level of engagement a viewer has with a show at the exact time when it is aired and also enables audience targeting allowing broadcasters and brands to identify effectively viewer demographics and interests.

"Broadcasters and producers are constantly looking to introduce new formats which enable them to engage directly with TV audiences," said Eli Uzan, Screenz CEO. "By working with the Google Cloud Platform, Screenz will empowers them to rip up the rule book and combine compelling live content with real time viewer interaction."

Added Google Cloud platform director Daniel Powers: "Screenz is at the forefront of a revolution which is changing the way we watch television. We are delighted that they have chosen to build their game-changing products on the Google Cloud Platform. Our job is to make sure that the technology behind the Real Time Platform works effortlessly so that all viewers need to worry about is which way they are going to vote."