World Cup to be $4BN bonanza and set new quality standards
Joseph O'Halloran
| 13 June 2014
A senior consultant in Deloitte's sports business group has calculated that the World Cup will net $4 billion in broadcast and commercial revenues as it drives new standards in the quality of broadcast production.

Analysing the effect of the tournament, Austin Houlihan said that a number of key parameters would drive record revenues for word football governing body FIFA. In particular, he believes that the kick-off times for this year's edition are conducive to driving strong audiences in areas such as North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East

"The World Cup's ability to generate such audiences means that broadcasters and sponsors pay premium rights fees to secure rights to broadcast, or be associated, with the tournament," Houlihan said. "The World Cup is a premium property for free-to-air broadcasters in particular, due to its ability to generate high audiences in many territories."

Such an example offered was the German audience for the 2010 World Cup semi-final between Germany and Spain which exceeded 30 million viewers, the first time a single German broadcaster had generated an audience of this size.

Yet as well as driving record broadcast and sponsorship revenues, the Deloitte sports business group also expected the tournament to help drive new standards in the quality of broadcast production. Houlihan noted particular innovations in 4KTV/UltraHD, even 8K, and observed that the tournament would also cater for the increasing trend for audiences to view content through mobile devices. He forecast greater numbers of viewers being able to access match footage — such as live, highlights, video-on-demand, clips and associated content — through tablets and smartphones.