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Thread: update ident.list

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    update ident.list

    NEW 0100A823;0100 A823 BBox Fibre Merlin (DVB-C)
    NEW 05050700;0500 050700 TNTSat Prépayée (DTT)
    NEW 05051610;0500 051610 Overon (23E/12W)
    NEW 05051B00;0500 51B00 CanalSat/beIN Sport HD (19E)
    NEW 05051800;0500 51800 star vijay (9e)
    NEW 06180000;0618 Olala 1-2 (75E)
    NEW 06390000;0639 Videocon d2h (88E)
    NEW 06970000;0697 Redlight 3D-HD (13E)
    NEW 06AD0000;06AD OMG (4.8E/42E)
    NEW 09B50000;09B5 BeIn Sports (13E/25E/26E/7W)
    NEW 0B1C0000;0B1C Slovak Telekom (1W)"
    NEW 183E0000;183E Mediaset Premium (13E)
    NEW 18633342;1863 (ID.Unused) CanalSAT
    NEW 18633343;1863 (ID.Unused) CanalSAT
    NEW 18670000;1867 BetaDigital (19E)
    NEW 18820000;1882 Slovak Telekom (1W)
    NEW 4B200000;4B20 Sky Perfec TV (128E)[Multicom-2
    NEW 55020000;5502 Telemach BH (BIH Cable)[Griffin]
    NEW 55040000;5504 Nova Gorica (SLO Cable)[Griffin]
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    Re: update ident.list

    Hello People
    I have a litle problem with my gbox. The ident.list and the ignore.list was very old.
    Have any were a new ident.list and the ignore.list?
    If you are , please attached this files in the forum and thanks for all.

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