Colombia's ANTV forces Caracol, RCN back to pay-TV
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 15 June 2014
Caracol and RCN are to return to pay-TV in Colombia, after the ANTV, the country's national TV association, instructed them to make their signals available for cable and satellite operators.

Last week the Colombian Ministry of Industry and Commerce removed them from the list of authorised pay-TV providers, following a row over retransmission fees. Colombiaís pay-TV operators have been required to retransmit RCN Televisionís and Caracolís TV signals for years under a law that seeks to ensure all TV viewers have access to the most popular channels.

However, the broadcasters asked the carriers to start paying for the use of their signals and the cable companies refused.

The conflict is not resolved yet, but until the ANTV makes a final decision, RCN and Caracol will keep broadcasting through pay-TV.

In a group press release, the country's main pay-TV operators Claro, DirecTV, UNE and Movistar said they would follow the ANTV's temporary decision and reschedule both channels as soon as the signal was available for them