Vodafone has launched its mobile TV over 4G service in The Netherlands.

The new service was launched just in time for the start of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil and all $G customers of the operatror can follow all matches as broadcast by the Dutch public channels on the new service.

The service offers six channels, including Nederland 1, 2 and 3, 24kitchen, CNN and National Geographic. Monthky subscription fee is €7.95, but the first month is free for people signing up. Data usage for the TV services is not subtracted from the subscriber’s data bundle.

Henk Hagoort, chairman of the executive board at NPO “As drivers of innovation we are proud to be part of Vodafone’s launch of mobile TV via 4G. The Dutch public broadcasters (NPO) connect you with the world around you! Even if you sit in the train or lying in a park on the grass.”

Bart Hofker, director consumer market at Vodafone Netherlands: “For us, this is an exciting time as this is the first time that we offer our customers the ability to watch live TV in high quality over 4G TV. We have therefore decided to offer live coverage of the World Cup this month for free. So our customers can view all the matches of the World Cup everywhere in the Netherlands.”