Open IPTV Forum and HbbTV decide to merge
Michelle Clancy
| 18 June 2014
With hybrid technologies getting more mainstream, fragmentation has been looming as an issue for operators and developers. To help bring harmonisation to the space, the members of the Open IPTV Forum and the HbbTV Association have merged their activities into a single organisation.

With the recognition that there is a significant overlap between their activities and membership, as well as complementary work which could enhance both, the members of the Open IPTV Forum and the HbbTV Association have approved the plan to integrate OIPF's future activities into the HbbTV organisation.

"The single organisation we have created will ensure that the common platform based on the OIPF browser and used by HbbTV will evolve in a compatible way to serve all three types of service delivery models covered by both our members over-the-top, hybrid broadcast/broadband and IPTV," explained Nilo Mitra, president of the Open IPTV Forum.

Klaus Illgner, chairman of the HbbTV Steering Group, added: "We're looking towards a converging future requiring us to adjust industry standards to changing market demands. By merging with the Open IPTV Forum, we're continuing to take steps to remain at the forefront of trends in the TV industry. We are excited by this opportunity and welcome the new members from OIPF who will work with us to define the next wave of TV standards."