DTH to deliver nearly 300 UltraHD channels by 2023
| 18 June 2014
Within the next decade there will likely be nearly 300 UltraHD TV channels broadcast globally by direct-to-home (DTH) operators, with 4KTV services present in every region worldwide, a new report from NSR suggests.

According to the Global Direct-to-Home (DTH) Markets, 7th Edition report, http://www.nsr.com/research-reports/...s-7th-edition/ , growth in UltraHD will begin in earnest from around late 2015 with introduction of the introduction of the first channels and services into DTH subscriber homes. NSR expects the satellite operators to press home what it believes is an advantage in delivery compared with terrestrial and IPTV rivals.

Overall, NSR calculates that leasing revenues for UltraHD content will reach $125M by 2023, and during the period of 2013-2023, cumulative leasing revenues from UltraHD will approach nearly $500 million, despite today having no leasing revenue attributable to UltraHD. While the majority of these channels will be broadcast in established regions such as North America and Western Europe, by 2023 NSR anticipates several dozen UltraHD channels to be broadcast in East Asia.

"Over 3.1 million Ultra HD TV sets were shipped in 2013, despite a lack of Ultra HD channels being broadcast yet, with the exception of a handful of demo channels, as well as some limited content via IPTV and YouTube," explained NSR analyst and report co-author Alan Crisp. "This shows the pent-up demand for UltraHD, and helps support the 'chicken-and-egg' phenomenon that occurs with any new technological standard.

"Despite the perception that UltraHD is solely a 'developed market' phenomenon, we anticipate that developing regions such as greater China and South Asia will also contribute demand for UltraHD content," added report co-author Blaine Curcio. "With this global proliferation, content providers will find greater economies of scale in producing UltraHD content. In fact, all signs point to UltraHD picking up significant steam moving forward, on a truly global scale. Further, we believe that Ultra HD, unlike 3DTV, will be able to sustain momentum and consumer interest moving forward, and will ultimately win out as the new 'latest and greatest' technological choice for consumers."

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