Swedish streaming provider Voddler is launching Bollyvod worldwide, starting in the US.

Bollyvod shows movies and shows from India’s Bollywood industry online at bollyvod.com and via dedicated apps, which will soon be available. Over 100 000 hours of movies and TV-episodes have been cleared from Bollywood’s leading content owners, such as Zee Entertainment, Reliance, Eros International, UTV Motion Pictures and Sony Music.

After the US, Bollyvod will now roll out globally over the coming months, as a mixed free- and subscription VOD service.

“In many countries, Bollywood fans are a niche audience. On a global scale, though, they are a mass market crying out for Indian cinema and TV-shows. Bollyvod gives people exactly what they want: good content truly anywhere and anytime, with an extraordinary quality of service. In doing this, Bollywood crushes piracy. So while Hollywood struggles with its digital transition, Bollywood will generate new revenue and make piracy streaming irrelevant, thanks to one global disruptive move. When will we see a Hollywood doing this?” asked Marcus Bäcklund, CEO.

Bollyvod’s global streaming capacity comes from Vnet, Voddler’s streaming cloud, sometimes described as a ‘controlled peer-to-peer network’. By letting all end-users take part in streaming videos to each other, Vnet only becomes stronger the more users it gets, allowing it to deliver quality streams even in low bandwidth territories.

“With Vnet, Bollyvod users actually help each other watch videos. In fact, the concept of decentralized distribution has primarily been used by pirates. Here, we take that idea, but working together we all create a new part of the Internet, focused on delivering videos, securely and safely. Consumers benefit, content owners benefit, even telecom operators benefit. You can see why Bollywood believes in Bollyvod,” continued Bäcklund.