World Cup adds $1,500 million to advertising market
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 18 June 2014
Brazil's World Cup will earn the worldwide advertising market an extra $1,500 million, helping achieve a growth of 5.4% this year.

TV networks and websites will benefit most from the event, according to the latest report from ZenithOptimedia.

The panel estimates that TV will achieve the greatest audiences during the World Cup, although advertisers will invest more in the Internet and social media, where activity will be higher than in any previous sporting event.

Regarding regions, Latin America will be getting the most investment. According to ZenithOptimedia, $500 million will go to Latin America and $300 million will be invested in the US advertising market. For Western Europe, the amount is also estimated to be around $300 million, being lower for Eastern Europe and Asia, where the time difference reduces the event's potential audience.

Mostly thanks to the World Cup, the general predictions for the Eurozone are better than in Zenith's previous report. While in April the figures pointed to a 1.7% growth by the end of 2014, the agency now says a 2.2% growth is expected, mostly due to the UK and Swedish markets.

"The World Cup is a great opportunity for advertisers to reach passionate and involved audiences worldwide. While television will remain central to how fans experience the competition, advertisers are using digital media more than ever before to help shape this experience. Over the next few years internet advertising will play an even greater role in supplementing the brand-building power of television," said Steve King, ZenithOptimedia's CEO, Worldwide.