Peru's pay-TV grows 4%, pirate connections up almost 20%
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 18 June 2014
Peru's illegal cable and satellite connections are growing unstoppably, representing almost half of the country's subscribers.

While pay-TV has a 40.2% penetration rate in Peru and 62% in the capital Lima, the industry says it has nothing to celebrate, as 48% of the connections are illegal and growing five times faster than the legal ones.

According to a report from the Peruvian association Contribuyentes por Respeto, published by the newspaper El Comercio, the country's pay-TV sector reached three million subs during last year, but nearly half of these were provided by illegal operators.

"While last year Osiptel [the country's telecoms regulator] was talking about 1.3 million subs, the INEI [the national statistics institute] was reporting 2.7 million," said DirecTV's Gianmarco Asencio.

This tendency in Peru is not new, in the last ten years illegal subscriptions have grown from 5.7% to 48% of all pay-TV connections.

The Ministry for Communications currently has 470 registered cable operators, and almost 60 of them are being investigated. While only a few big operators work in the country, hundreds of small companies operate on a local scale, delivering pirate channels to their customers.