SBC unveils Ramadan broadcasting plans
Rebecca Hawkes
| 19 June 2014
The Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) will broadcast 220 programmes across its nine TV channels and five radio stations during the holy month of Ramadan.

Abdul Rahman Al-Hazza, president of SBC, said that there has been a 20% rise in advertising on Saudi channels over the past two years during Ramadan, with international shows such as MasterChef and The Cube attracting a large audience.

SBC will be introducing 70 programmes during the holy month including comedies, children's, sports, religious, cultural and social shows.

"We made many changes in our programming in terms of content and style to attract more viewers," Abdullah Al-Humoud, vice president, SBC is reported as saying in Arab News.

Panel discussions will also debate Ramadan issues, such as the significance of fasting.