Nigeria, Ghana top continent's World Cup TV ratings
Rebecca Hawkes
| 19 June 2014
The World Cup first round match between Nigeria and Iran drew a huge TV audience in Africa, with 17.5 million watching in Nigeria alone.

A first of its kind measurement survey from Geo found that 25 million – or 15% of adults aged over 15 – watched the Nigeria vs. Iran match in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

Ghana's TV viewing figures have remained high across all World Cup games: 3.5 million watched the opening game between Brazil and Croatia, and the gripping match between Ghana and the United States on Monday attracted 2.4 million adult Ghanaian viewers.

In Ghana 1.7 million people aged 15-24 tuned in to the Germany versus Portugal game, or about 18% of the youth population. In Kenya almost 900,000 aged 15-24 watched the same game, and in Nigeria 3.5 million youths were watching.

In Ghana, men are more likely to watch the games: for the first five days of the World Cup 2014 the gender split was an average of 28% female to 72% male. In Nigeria, the gender split is less dramatic at about 38% female to 62% male.

GeoPoll's Audience Measurement Service uses a panel system to compile statistically representative TV and radio ratings within 24 hours of programmes airing. Data is gathered using SMS, voice and web-based communications to reach survey respondents, even in areas without internet connection.