UPC Hungary has launched UPC TV Apps, which brings smart TV functionalities to every television set connected to a UPC HD mediabox.

UPC TV Apps provides instant access on TV to various online content sources through applications, even without internet subscription, by using the ‘interactive’ button on their set-top box.

As a first step, UPC activates the new service on its HD mediaboxes. By the end of the year it will enable all 1.5 million households on the footprint of its interactive network to receive this service, at no additional cost.

At launch, UPC customers are offered more than 20 applications in thematic order, providing access to YouTube, to Google Maps and personalised picture sharing through Picasa and Flickr accounts, news from Origo, CNN, Euronews and the Wall Street Journal, games, weather, Wikitivia, a first aid app and a series of mood screens. More content with further applications will be added continuously in the future.

UPC TV Apps was developed and is first introduced in Hungary. The service employs tCloud TV technology that uses remote servers to process the customer requests and bring the renewed user interface and the online content on the screen in forms of video streams. This solution makes it possible to extend the functionalities of the existing digital mediaboxes without the need to replace any hardware, as well as to provide internet access without an internet connection, simply through the interactive digital TV function. With this special technology, UPC Hungary is one of the first in the world to partner with YouTube to bring the best YouTube experience to cable TV set-top-boxes.

“I’m very proud that an innovative idea originating from our engineers could come true to support every customer in watching online content on their TV in the most simple and convenient way possible,” said Severina Pascu, CEO of UPC Hungary.

“With this development, the marriage of television and internet becomes a reality for everyone. We will continue to answer the newly emerging customer needs by further enhancing the TV experience and providing more opportunities for convenient online video consumption.”