Heineken renews Champion's League sponsorship with Fox Deportes
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 20 June 2014
Heineken's multi-tiered sponsorship of UEFA Champions League games on Fox Deportes has proved so effective that its US brand manager Bram Reukers has committed to re-upping the arrangement for the 2015 season.

According to Multichannel News, Heineken's partnership with Fox Deportes represents a more than $1 million investment. Overall, its global sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League has been renewed for an estimated $70 million per year through 2017-18.

"We decided not to ride a wave, but to create a wave," Reukers told the outlet. "With Fox Deportes, it became clear that we both have the same passion points for the game of soccer. We really wanted to leverage the platform to engage with the consumer through our sponsorship of the Champions League, and we did so with a three-pronged approach."

The campaign consists of commercials, in-game bumpers and integration with the Fox Deportes Web site and social media.

Heineken said that the Champions League final on May 24 was one of the top-three tweeted events of the year.

"Awareness of the Heineken brand definitely grew in the US Hispanic community over the last three months," Reukers noted. "This is thanks to commercials that aired on Fox Deportes, but also thanks to our social-media engagement. Some 45 million people were reached on social media, and with #sharethesofa our engagement rate rose to 4.5% [of Internet users]. The average engagement rate is about 1.5%."