Hispanics drop triple-play for mobile OTT video
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 20 June 2014
Hispanic households in the US may be abandoning traditional telephone and Internet services in favour of mobile data plans, using those plans to access over-the-top (OTT) video content on their smartphones.

As the largest and fastest growing minority in the US, Hispanics represent a significant opportunity for voice, video and data providers. According to Centris Marketing Science, while smartphones can be found in 58% of US households, 71% of Hispanic households have at least one smartphone. And, Hispanic households are not only more likely to own smartphones, but 62% of Hispanic households viewed video on a smartphone in the past month compared to 52% of total US smartphone households.

The survey also found that subscription OTT services appear to be an important component of Hispanic mobile video use; 33% Hispanic of households subscribe to Netflix in contrast to 25% US households overall.

Interestingly, only 61% of Hispanic households have a broadband connection; broadband penetration is 70% for total US households.