DTT scores for World Cup in Argentina
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 20 June 2014
With an extensive free-to-air (FTA) offer, many Argentineans are choosing the DTT networks to follow Brazil's World Cup, with the Government saying that over six million people are watching the football matches through the digital TV.

Through the two channels broadcasting the event, TV Pública and DeporTV, DTT is topping audience figures during the event. "Thanks to a great technological deployment, DTT makes it possible for more than six million Argentineans to watch the World Cup free, no matter their region, age or social situation," said the Ministry of Federal Planning.

The increasing number of visitors to the DTT website during recent weeks (reaching ten million unique visits) also points, according to the Government, to the growing importance of the public digital network for viewers.

During recent months, new broadcasting centres have been inaugurated, set-top box (STB) sales have rocketed and new coverage maps and information points have become available for viewers. In addition, the Government has been delivering free STBs - nearly 1.4 million since the initiative started - in order to secure access to the network for everybody.

"We have 82 broadcasting centres running and seven more are to be opened, making it possible for 85% of the population to access DTT," added the Ministry in a release.