RCN adds Caller ID to TiVo service
Michelle Clancy
| 21 June 2014
US triple-play provider RCN is rolling out Caller ID for its TiVo video service. It displays the name of the caller, and the number, on the TV screen during an incoming call.

The on-screen display supports multiple phone lines per subscriber and is displayed when customers are watching either live TV or a pre-recorded programme. The feature also enables a second call to be displayed on the TV when the customer is already on the phone.

"This convenient Caller ID service is another achievement in our relationship with TiVo, and also represents one of more than 15 free calling features included in the RCN Digital Phone service," said Chris Fenger, COO at RCN.

"From RCN's recent launch of the Netflix app on our TiVo service, to our recent introduction of the powerful TiVo T6 DVR, to now Caller ID on TiVo, we continue to prove that this partnership represents a total commitment to technology innovation and to making our customers' experience as enjoyable and easy to use as possible."