Hispasat to support Ruta Quetzal
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 23 June 2014
Hispasat is to support communications and broadcasting for Ruta Quetzal 2014, a project which this year will enable a group of international young adventurers to discover Peru and the pre-Hispanic cultures.

During the 29th edition of Ruta Quetzal, the expedition members and a group of journalist will travel through Peru looking for the springs of the Amazon and signs of ancient civilizations.

Hispasat will deliver satellite communication capacity as well as the necessary terrestrial technology and technical staff. The Spanish satellite company will look for stable Internet coverage and TV and radio broadcasting possibilities inside the Amazon rainforest.

Due to the geographical barriers in the areas in which the expedition takes place, Hispasat and satellite technology have been essential for the project's communications over recent years.

In addition to data and video support while the expedition is in Peru, Hispasat has organised a video conference from its centre in Madrid from where the participants' families can speak to the young adventurers when they are in the Colca valley in Peru.