The Russian a la carte channel Amedia Premium has secured 200,000 subscribers on cable and DTH platforms in its first year of operation, according to Alexander Akopov, founder, Amedia.

Speaking on the pre-conference day, OTT TV in CEE, of the Digital TV in CEE conference, he added that the channel is also viewed by 20,000 people online.

In his view, the two groups of viewers are quite different.

Akopov said that the main and internet versions of the channel cost $3 and $9 a month respectively to receive.

Although Amedia has not promoted the channel intensively, it has undertaken some joint actions with the Moscow-based cable operator Akado, where AMedia Premium now has a penetration of 12%.

However, it would require a 4.5% to 5% cable and satellite penetration overall to break even.

AMedia Premium is built principally on premium content from HBO, Showtime and Starz, though it will in due course introduce premium Russian content.

Akopov said that the Russian content market in general has grown significantly, with 3,000 hours of TV series, 200 TV movies and 100 theatrical movie titles now produced each year.

Akopov also spoke in favour of an anti-piracy law introduced last year in Russia that had acted against illegal internet entrepreneurship, rather than the end user.

An amendment to the law, to be introduced this autumn, will act against pirate sites, with help from Rozkomnadzor.