Comcast launches Xfinity TV Go Google Chrome OTT extension
Michelle Clancy
| 24 June 2014
Comcast has launched the official Xfinity TV Go extension for Google Chrome, in time for the world's largest sporting event.

"Watching the World Cup just got easier," the company said. "Now, more than 50 of your favourite sports, news and entertainment networks, including ESPN, CNN, Disney, USA and TBS are just a click away."

The Chrome extension for the company's authenticated TV everywhere service offers a way to see what's on and tune into live streams on the Xfinity TV Go website. The Xfinity TV Go drop down menu allows users to browse the listing of 53 live channels and choose what to watch.

"Browsing and see breaking news? Two clicks and you are watching live," the cableco said. "Notice a World Cup match is tied on Get in the game with just two clicks. Friends discussing a series finale on Twitter? Tune in with two clicks to join the conversation. Today's enhancement is just one of the many things we're doing to make our growing library of TV everywhere content more accessible and easier to discover."

The extension is available from the Google Chrome Store; subscribers can enter their Xfinity credentials to stream content.