EBU takes advantage of RRSAT for World Cup 4K delivery
| 24 June 2014
The European Broadcast Union (EBU) has turned to RRsat Global Communications to support its satellite broadcasts of all 64 matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in not only HD format but also 4KTV production.

RRsat, which offers digital content management and global content distribution services, will provide the EBU, which claims to offer the largest live sports delivery platform to broadcasters worldwide, with the uplink facilities needed to carry the 4K feeds of the World cup over to the Asian footprint of EBU's Eurovision network.

Highlights of the UltraHD feed will include all of the knock-out stages of the tournament, which is being described as the best-ever and has featured heavy pitch-side advertisements from Sony for its 4KTVs. This adds to the network services for the regular HD distribution over the Asian footprint of the Eurovision network, with which RRsat has already been supplying the EBU.

"RRsat has been a long standing partner of ours to provide the highest quality distribution services," commented EBU network director Graham Warren. "The fact that we can offer the World Cup in 4K resolution for the first time is a testament to RRsat's advanced infrastructure and capabilities."