Spanish DTT distribution to be decided in July
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 25 June 2014
After taking nine DTT channels off air two months ago, the Spanish Government is planning to reorganise the radioelectric spectrum to leave more space for LTE networks, with TV channels being redistributed to avoid 4G interference.

Minister of Industry José Manuel Soria has said that the final decision will be made in July. During a forum organised by the newspaper Cinco Días, Soria said that LTE will take the whole 800MHz band so that 4G can be developed according to European regulations.

Although many cities have 4G coverage, the telcos are currently using the free spaces in a fairly saturated spectrum. The government intends to reorganise the spectrum, clearly separating the 15 DTT channels from the mobile networks. The minister also the door open for the arrival of new TV licences once the process is complete and said the intention is to specifically strengthen HD free-to-air (FTA) networks.

In May, nine channels were forced to close following a ruling that the last bid for licences didn't follow proper procedure or respect all rules of competition. This move reduced the FTA offer by 37.5%, with the closure of Atresmedia's Xplora, Nitro and laSexta3, Mediaset's La Siete and Nueve, and two signals each from Net TV and Veo TV.