Mediaset marks ten years on the stock market
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 25 June 2014
Strong and solid in spite of the financial crisis and fierce competition, Mediaset is marking ten years on the Spanish stock market.

Today Mediaset is worth nearly €1,000 million more than a decade ago, when it started taking on the big media companies, with a current value of €3,380 million. During these ten years, the Spanish division of the Italian company has generated a net profit of nearly €1,700 million, representing a €6.48 profit per share.

The figures are mostly due to Mediaset's position in the free-to-air TV market, with Telecinco being its leading channel. The company competes with Atresmedia to top Spanish audience figures, grabbing a share of 30% among its six channels: Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Boing, Divinity and Energy.

Mediaset's advertising division, Publiespaña, has also delivered strong results, growing from having 29.1% of the advertising market in 2004 to the 43.7% in 2013, although the investment amount are lower now due to the crisis in the industry.

"We have shown compromise to our investors, keeping them in good and the bad times, especially during the huge crisis in the advertising market," said Alejandro Echevarria, president of Spain's Mediaset.

"Leadership is not a pleasure anymore, it's a duty," added Paolo Vasile, CEO. "Being on the stock market and keeping the trust of all our investors made us grow strong."