Ooyala, Basefarm team to offer Ziggo multiscreen video and analytics
| 25 June 2014
Multiscreen video streaming and analytics firm Ooyala has entered a partnership with managed services provider Basefarm to offer an analytics service for Netherlands cable provider Ziggo.

The operator will use a combination of Ooyala and Basefarm's technology solutions and services to power online content on its refreshed consumer website and help meet increasing demand for integrated Web and video content management solutions.

By combining Ooyala's multiscreen video distribution and analytics technology with Basefarm's solutions, the partners say that Ziggo can now deliver "a reliable and elegant service", while understanding exactly how users are interacting with their video content. They add that Ziggo can use these new insights to continuously improve their consumer web experience, and to increase new customer sign-ups and revenue per user.

"Ooyala's aim is to help our customers understand the nuances of how the audience is watching, on any kind of device, so that they can turn those insights into improvements to their bottom line," said the company's EMEA vice president Neil Berry. "Having these insights is no longer optional; it's becoming a business mandate for operators everywhere."

Ooyala and Basefarm say they will build on their momentum with Ziggo to provide solutions to other pay-TV providers and broadcasters, especially throughout Benelux and the Nordic countries.