11 shows hit 100MN streams as Discovery Digital celebrates first anniversary
| 25 June 2014
Just over a year after DeFranco Creative, TestTube network and Revision3 joined to make Discovery Digital Networks, the company has revealed that it has 11 shows with more than 100 million lifetime online video streams.

Discovery Digital Networks (DDN) programmes are available through YouTube, dedicated websites and a family of apps for smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. The network's output covers topics ranging from animals and science to current events and technology with an emphasis on original programming. Indeed the latter comprises nearly two-thirds of DDN's monthly views. In addition, Discovery has launched two new digital networks in the past year, TestTube and Animalist, and is the home to TestTube's DNews smart science news programme that generated more than 26 million monthly views in March 2014 alone.

"Discovery Digital Networks delivers an incredibly strong mix of insightful and engaging programming for today's 18-34-year-old audience," said Jim Louderback, general manager of Discovery Digital Networks. "Our [shows] resonate not only with our online viewers but also with advertisers, who know Discovery is the best place to align their brands with the most passionate communities of like-minded viewers on the planet."