Canal+ should in future focus more on emerging markets such as Africa, according to Vincent Bolloré, Vivendi’s new chairman.

Speaking at an annual shareholders’ meeting that effectively marked the handover of power from his predecessor Jean-René Fourtou and quoted in Le Figaro, he said that there are currently 2 billion people on earth, mainly in Africa and Asia, who thanks to rising incomes want access to the company’s services.

Canal+ is already present with 1 million subscribers to Canal+ Overseas, but Universal Music and GVT (Brazil) must also develop in Africa.

Bolloré in addition said that Vivendi must exploit the synergies of the group, with Canal+, for instance, developing in Anglo-Saxon markets – something that is very difficult for it to do by itself.

Furthermore, referring to emerging markets, Bolloré said that the company should get control of a digital platform for the distribution of content.