Stevie, the service that turns social feeds from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into a TV broadcast experience, adds support for Chromecast and Android TVs.

The new feature allows for a one-tap jump from mobile feed to non-stop ‘broadcast-lke’channels of users’ favourite social content on their television by launching and controlling Stevie from Android and iOS devices.

With Chromecast support in Stevie, users can also enjoy the highly personalised content from their social feeds on their TV sets as non-stop channels such as Friends TV, World Cup, Tokyo Fashion, Digital Life and hundreds more.

“There’s an inherent difference between browsing content on your mobile and watching content on your TV,” said Yael Givon, Founder and CEO of Stevie.

“One is not better than the other, rather they’re designed for different states of user engagement. Stevie has been ‘liberating’ interactive, lean-in content designed to be consumed on small screen mobile devices, and transforming it to a lean-back, ‘watch it on the couch with your feet up’ TV experience. The exciting news is that now, with Chromecast, users have an easy, affordable and fun way to ‘teleport’ this content to their living room or bedroom TV with the flick of a finger.”

The company’s next goal is to provide third party brands and content creators with ways of integrating with Stevie. Brands will be able to build their own TV channels that will be smart, personalised, ever-updated, and will combine personal, community, and brand-official content from the web. This option is available now to select companies that contact Stevie directly, and will be automated in the near future.