Cablenets in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands have topped the monthly Speed Index issued by streamers Netflix.

The monthly statistics show the average download speed for all Netflix customers regardless of platform and internet service provider.

In the UK, Virgin Media was out in front with a speed of 3.10 Mbps, from BT (2.95) and Sky (2.74). UPC was the leader in Ireland, while in Sweden it was Com Hem. In neighbouring Norway GET was out in front with 3.34 Mbps. GET took the place from Altibox that moved to second with a respectable 3.31. Telenor was fifth at 3.00 Mbps.

ďAn increasing number of our customers use the Netflix service, so itís nice for us to ensure that the customer experience is as good as possible. Since measurement began in 2012 we have on average remained in second place in Norway, and the last two months we have topped the poll. Itís a nice development for Netflix customersĒ, says Ole Odegaard, IP Manager at Get.

The Netherlands saw the top three places go to cablenets, but it was the smaller CAI that came top on 3.74 Mbps, closely followed by Ziggo (3.72) and UPC (3.59).