Although penetration of on demand services is still a modest 5% in urban parts of Romania, they will be a driver of growth in the future, according to Robert Redeleanu, chief marketing officer, UPC Romania.

Speaking in a panel discussion, Vygantas Tutlys, head of marketing department, Cgates, Lithuania and another co-panelist, said that while piracy levels make VOD difficult to monetise, it remains important in the operatorís offer.

Meanwhile, Indrek Ild, sales and marketing director at the Estonian cableco Starman, said that piracy was seen as a problem that encompassed a number of issues, including card copying.

Commenting on bundling, Redeleanu said that UPC Romania had tried offering broadband on its own but it didnít work.

Connectivity is the most important issue.

Meanwhile, Ild said that the importance of TV in bundling is increasing, with connectivity a basic need that has to be supplied.

Redeleanu also expressed doubts about offering channels a la carte, while Ild said Starman was looking for ways to make its limited a la carte offer more effective.