Google is prepping Android TV for an autumn release, which will include an online streaming box to rival Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

The news comes against a backdrop of failure: Google TV, Google's first attempt at a set-top box, died a slow death after consumer disinterest and the fact that content producers refused to do deals with the company, fearing revenue stream cannibalisation. Google TV returned search results for linear, on-demand and OTT versions of the searched content.

Android TV, however, replicates the Chromecast in its content approach, allowing users to "cast" content to the big screen from a range of partners or from a compatible device. It has voice recognition, and can be controlled using a gaming controller, remote or an app.

Sony's 4K televisions and Phillips TVs will support Android TV, and there will be streaming boxes by Razer and Asus.

The interface is oriented around cards, much like partner LG's user interface, in Movies, Shows, Games and Apps sections. It has Netflix, Hulu and Pandora, and Google's own apps, including YouTube, Hangouts and Play Movies.

It also has metadata available for information on actors and the TV or movie being played.

Google will also wrap in gaming, with the ability to use an Android tablet as a controller.